Saturday, May 23, 2009

i ChooSe YOU!!!! X9

yeahhh~~ the world ends with you~~ one of tetsuya nomura creation!! arghhh!!!! i love this! its an action RPG.. how to say this..this game is kinda hard to handle..but its fun when play it..arghhhhh!! n the songs also not bad ooo.. i like~~ :D enjoy!!!

i dunno....why am i always sad...
my life not full with happiness ooo...
sadness only ooo.. how to make ourlife happy ??
i do everything to keep myself calm.. i smile... i laugh.. but..only for a while..
my heart still in sadness.. owhh whyyyyy!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! it will gimme a heart attack sooner or later...cuz i cant stand it anymore.. my lectures hate me.. my friends also annoyed with me..what did i do? huh? huh?
haha..haha..haha...i cant sleep..because always think about it..i becoming insom..
somebody..take me out from this hell...stop touchering my heart... someday..i will never have a heart.... dont blame me...someday...all the things that you all done to me, i will pay it with revenge...
wait and see...


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