Friday, May 22, 2009

listening To musiC~~

when i'm bored.. i love to hear those songs..up here..castlevania game OSTs.. errr.... i like dracula anyway!!~ XD i got tonnes of castlevania songs.. then.. i like to hear japanese POP and RoCK~~ my favourite ooo...

well..i've played it till finish was good!!! :D well.. although it was still got a problem when i started playing it...its in Nippon-Go!!!! *japanese language* arghh!! my head gonna blow again..but i've finished it tho'..wahahaha..its a musical type of really enjoy it..Nodame Cantabille was famous because of its manga..~~ i've watching Nodame Cantabille drama,movie and anime!! it was cooLLL!!!! i love piano!! mukyaaaaaaaaa!!


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