Friday, December 25, 2009

aku rasa bahasa inggeris ni makin wat aku guna semula bahse ibunda kite ni sbg bahasa rasmi blog aku..hahaha.. anyway..xlama lagi aku akan kuarkan komik aku kt sinii..kat blog aku..harap korg terhibur ok~~ tunggu sahaje la saat itu..ok!!! support akuu!!!!
Lukisan kat atas tu sebagai hiburan semata2..hihi..lukisan terbaru..

Friday, November 20, 2009

wahhhhhh!!!!! i love this guy very much lorhhhhhhhh... cyril...his magic tricks were awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! owh my God..Pengajian Am paper 2 start on mondayyyyyyyyy!!! noooooooooooooOOOOoooooooo!!!!! i wish i can have power to see through x-ray.. O..O||

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yaaaaaaa............................................................................busy here..busy no timeeeeeeeeeee!! my STPM weekkkkkkkkkkk!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!! wish me luck guys!!!!! TT..TT

Sunday, August 9, 2009


ermmmmmm...... oh MY LOrD..~ my new postal has arrived.. ehem ehem.. i've been very busy lately..because..i got into Form 6 after i quit Uitm.. i'm turning young again..yay~~~ XD
The subjects really tough tho'~ i'm also do a part time job as a promoter at kuantan's hard...really tired..need to study at night and day..n work in evening till night...
Haizzz...what to do.. i need money laaaa...

Friday, June 19, 2009

its been a long time..~

whoahhh..its been a long time i didnt post any new post on my blog ooo...very very very veryyyyy busyyy.. i need to finish up my comic...i need to baby sit my nephew n my niece...little monsters...very hyper...hihihi... i been stay with them for 1 week...i sister in law...asked me to go out for dinner with her husband (my brother) so i agree..n she brought her kids of cozzz..then that night we all have dinner outside... suddenly my nephew ask his mother...

haiman: ummi...ummi....
ummi: yes haiman..

haiman: what is TOS?
ummi: huh? TOS? got no TOS in english dear..

haiman: huh? no? you wrong ummi... u wanna know what is TOS?
ummi: sure..what is it??

haiman: (he spells) T...O....S.... means COW.. XD
ummi: (laugh) (shy) wow...

suddenly 'sumbody' said..where did u learn TOS is a COW in english? (also laughing)
that 'somebody' cant eat his noodles because he also laughing..hahaha

i dunno my 4 years old nephew know how to make jokes..hahaha..i cant stop laughing either..

his sister...husna keeps playing with the unknown old man behind her ummi... hehahaha...that old man enjoyed feel worried all the time..becuz they all toooooo much friendly with unknown people..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

suddenly i remember..

this is my situation between my BF n my BFF... -actually him, her and i was in cinema..that is how we BF BFF grips my hand..n i feel very uneasy =_=||-it was my first date with my BF.. i brought my BFF along..because im a bit awkward to meet him.. XD i remembered when he tried to separate a chicken skin with the chicken meat..then..fiuuuu~~ the chicken flew in front..wahaha!! its funny..the chicken stil alive i guess.. hahaha..
i cant stop laughing until i saw his face turned to red..very red..wahaha..he was shy..n so friend cover from laughing at him...but i cant..i felt sorry for him that was fun anyway...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


oh im a lil bit busy ooo... because of toooooo busy.. i cant even draw for my blog..wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! i hate this!!! time always jealous on me!! im also hard to online now.. because of my stupid brother.. bagero.. TT..TT

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

help.. XD

i'm really bored..dunno what to doooo!! my work still not done inking!!! please someone that can help me inking my comic!!! wuahhhh!!! the dateline gonna end soon...warghhhhhhhh!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i missed him...

wuuuu.. i miss him so much ooo...what to do.... can't meet mom gonna mad at me... plus i got no money... n he is busy all the time.. wuahhhhh...aiyaaa... what am i gonna do~~

im tired...

my face turning same like my cartoon face so tired these days.. n i dunno more getting fat...noooooooooooooo~~~~ how am i gonna trim to my old size... any useful tips guys..uhuhhh~~

Thursday, May 28, 2009 so last..i've finished colouring my character only using a mouse..(not a rat) hahaha....i dunno how to explain about this character,,he looks very weird...very very freak.. he loves bunnies.. LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


arghhh!!! i wanna be a sky pirateee!!! like Vaan!! XD i really into final fantasy right now and i dunno why~~~~ my heavy head gettin light after playing final fantasy..maybe killing monsterS made me feel great..hahahaha XD killing people are cruel.. bad me bad meeee..but its also fun oo....only in game maa not the real one...let see...what am i gonna do today to keep myself calm..mmmm~~~draw animeeeeeeeeeee!!! im gonna entering contest..i hope im gonna win but...i dunno..wait and see aje la ooo.. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh my.... why.... i lost my confidence.. people awways put me down to to make a better life eyyy....hmmm~~ i wonder....any suggestion to

Monday, May 25, 2009

sad skies...

i look upon the sky...its blue..but its kinda different..its kinda sad..cuz its blue but some how
seem like a lil grey... its bright...with the sunshine..2 feels in 1 colour...but at the night, the rain starts falling.. ohh...very cold ooo...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i ChooSe YOU!!!! X9

yeahhh~~ the world ends with you~~ one of tetsuya nomura creation!! arghhh!!!! i love this! its an action RPG.. how to say this..this game is kinda hard to handle..but its fun when play it..arghhhhh!! n the songs also not bad ooo.. i like~~ :D enjoy!!!

i dunno....why am i always sad...
my life not full with happiness ooo...
sadness only ooo.. how to make ourlife happy ??
i do everything to keep myself calm.. i smile... i laugh.. but..only for a while..
my heart still in sadness.. owhh whyyyyy!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! it will gimme a heart attack sooner or later...cuz i cant stand it anymore.. my lectures hate me.. my friends also annoyed with me..what did i do? huh? huh?
haha..haha..haha...i cant sleep..because always think about it..i becoming insom..
somebody..take me out from this hell...stop touchering my heart... someday..i will never have a heart.... dont blame me...someday...all the things that you all done to me, i will pay it with revenge...
wait and see...

Friday, May 22, 2009

listening To musiC~~

when i'm bored.. i love to hear those songs..up here..castlevania game OSTs.. errr.... i like dracula anyway!!~ XD i got tonnes of castlevania songs.. then.. i like to hear japanese POP and RoCK~~ my favourite ooo...

well..i've played it till finish was good!!! :D well.. although it was still got a problem when i started playing it...its in Nippon-Go!!!! *japanese language* arghh!! my head gonna blow again..but i've finished it tho'..wahahaha..its a musical type of really enjoy it..Nodame Cantabille was famous because of its manga..~~ i've watching Nodame Cantabille drama,movie and anime!! it was cooLLL!!!! i love piano!! mukyaaaaaaaaa!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

well.... i dunno..but all my oversea friends cant understand what am i talking on my i decided to change it to english now... i need to open my old dictionary..searching the words that i dunno..ahhh...very tired oooOOOoo.. mummy help turning blue!!!

ohohoho~~ ni pon aku tgh men gak kali ni..byk giler game DS aku nk main skrg ni..
tgh pening nak meletop pon ade pasai jalan citer dah bercampur aduk..hahaha
game ni jenis stratergy n ape org kata tu.. RPG style,, ohhooo..RPG ni lg sronok dari action..lancar otak..sbb game valkryie ni..bez pasal..aku da penah men game ni..haha.. XD

ini la antara screenshot yang aku jumpa..n aku tgh men game ni plak...garafik cun fantasy mmg sentiasa di hatikuuuu... game ni...comey gak..character yg menarik cam final fantasy 12 dulu..kalu penah men ff12 tu..ini la sambungan dari gem yg lama tu.. aku sgt suka oooOOooo..~~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


aku berjuang dalam game final fantasy setelah kecewa pasal x lepas dating.. XD
aku lawan boss die dekat 5 kali untuk hari ini!!! sgt panas hati!!! cisss!!! tarikh tutup untuk bakat baru semakin menghampiri..komik aku x inking lagi..alamakk..bagaimana ini bahh...bikin sesak sama nippon ooo... haisss...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


wuuuu...patotnye aku dating wuuuu TT..TT
sedihnyeee.. (srroott..srrooott....) die xdpt dtg sini..
wuuuu.......pilu sungguh hati ni rsnye... kalu aku bole jumpa die..knp die skali skala xle dtg cari aku.....penat tau... penat... wuuuuuu

Range Murata's Artworkaku suka lukisan ni...sbb aku ska warne die..soft..~~
yang ni pon sama..makan gula2..comey je...

kalu nk tgk byk lg.. Click kat sini ooo~

Monday, May 18, 2009

lukisan ni masa umur aku 17 tahun... masa ni gila guna water kaler..n poster kaler...masa tingkatan 3 aku ska guna pastel..senang citer kaler2 yg soft...pengaruh kingdom hearts kuat time xde la copy sepenuhnye..lgpon lukisan aku x siap warne..sbb malas n xde mood..hihi
lukisan ni plak masa umur aku 18 tahun.. time ni aku guna maker..sbb lec aku ade suruh beli marker..dari aku membazir duit beli maker tanpa meggunakannye..baik aku warna katon aku..sonang...kawan aku ade kata...stiap kali aku pegang warna ape2..mesti jd stroke warna air..aku pon xphm..
yg ni plak..mase umur aku skrg..hihi.. tp..lukisan aku yg paling baru..ade sedikit perbezaan sikit dari yang ni..sbb aku sedang mencari identiti sendiri..hummm~~~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

dengan double skrin...meleleh air liur aku men game ni...
sesuai ngn semua pringkat umo..budak kecik pon bule main..
grafik not bad gak..xde masalah..
pastu..bule touch2 skrin plak..seronok betull
character yang sgt cumil..wat aku tertarik ntk men gem ni..
jenis Action RPG..
so, sesiapa peminat RPG or Action RPG bleh la try game ni..


                  My Blog is AbOuT mehh...

   nama sebenar aku Kamalia...
nickname aku miko.. aku dapat nama ni dari abang aku..
   pasai dulu2 aku suke sgt bace komik jepon!!
dan die pon bg nama miko tu kat aku...
   so, nama tu aku melekat sampai sekarang..
kalu ikutkan byk nama ni je yg fofuler..
kikiki.. so, xde mende nak merapu.. yoroshiku onegaishimasu la ye..
それで、私の血液型は B、私
コミックおよび監視 anime を引くのを好む私
彼らは考えるいまいましいよいことを。 地獄行きだ。


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