Friday, June 19, 2009

its been a long time..~

whoahhh..its been a long time i didnt post any new post on my blog ooo...very very very veryyyyy busyyy.. i need to finish up my comic...i need to baby sit my nephew n my niece...little monsters...very hyper...hihihi... i been stay with them for 1 week...i sister in law...asked me to go out for dinner with her husband (my brother) so i agree..n she brought her kids of cozzz..then that night we all have dinner outside... suddenly my nephew ask his mother...

haiman: ummi...ummi....
ummi: yes haiman..

haiman: what is TOS?
ummi: huh? TOS? got no TOS in english dear..

haiman: huh? no? you wrong ummi... u wanna know what is TOS?
ummi: sure..what is it??

haiman: (he spells) T...O....S.... means COW.. XD
ummi: (laugh) (shy) wow...

suddenly 'sumbody' said..where did u learn TOS is a COW in english? (also laughing)
that 'somebody' cant eat his noodles because he also laughing..hahaha

i dunno my 4 years old nephew know how to make jokes..hahaha..i cant stop laughing either..

his sister...husna keeps playing with the unknown old man behind her ummi... hehahaha...that old man enjoyed feel worried all the time..becuz they all toooooo much friendly with unknown people..


  1. oranglidi said...
    TOS: theory of structures.. subjek wa amik..

    lame tul lu xhapdet.. da siap lukisan??
    mikochan said...
    sbnrnye double S.. waffer TOSS..ade gambo lembu..die igt jenama..tu...n gambo lembu..tu pasal die panggil lembu...ermm? tu bz..sorry oo.. :D
    naqiubex said...
    Can't wait too see the result of the new comic competition.. I hope you'll win..
    Try hard..
    mikochan said...
    i hope also too.. T..T
    GeniusMaster said...
    T.O.S= Term Of Service... :D

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