Friday, May 22, 2009

game that i've finished playing~~

well..i've played it till finish was good!!! :D well.. although it was still got a problem when i started playing it...its in Nippon-Go!!!! *japanese language* arghh!! my head gonna blow again..but i've finished it tho'..wahahaha..its a musical type of really enjoy it..Nodame Cantabille was famous because of its manga..~~ i've watching Nodame Cantabille drama,movie and anime!! it was cooLLL!!!! i love piano!! mukyaaaaaaaaa!!


  1. ilhamputra said...
    wow.u got so many games.i had only ps2 in my was hard to see girl playing such this game.i thought that u like cooking in the kitchen.hehe.correct me if my words was wrong.i feel so bad write in english.haha.bila la aku nak pandai omputih ni.
    miko_chan06 said...
    owh well....i just have a few of DS games.. only that i interested with... oh.. my english asso bad worries im learning how to cook too..with my mom... ur english better than me tho'..haha.. i asso hav ps2 at home.. :D
    ilhamputra said...
    u should promote ur blog.i know that u got a lot of friends.ah.i feel boring right now.don't know what to do.
    miko_chan06 said...
    how to promote ooo??
    errr~~ singing?? hihi

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